Ashoka Arab World is implementing the Street Children project in Cairo, targeting one of the most marginalized communities in Egyptian Society. The project is launched in 2011 and at the beginning of 2014 we entered its 2nd stage. One of the major goals of the 2nd phase of the project is to build capacities and financially award local organizations which provide shelter services to street children in Cairo.
The streets of Egypt are home to almost 1million children. Left to fend for themselves, without any support from their families, their communities or the state, these children face horrifying living conditions. The lack of opportunity for a brighter future for these children puts an even darker shade to the entire picture.
The main factors underlying the street children phenomenon may be found in different aspects of life: absence of education, Egypt’s poor economic situation, prejudice, absence of active government policy and others.
Ashoka, through its Street Children Collaborative Platform, works not only with children and the civil sector organizations, but with the broader community and media sector, to erase existing prejudices towards street children. Without changing the mindset of the general Egyptian public, any project and activity aiming to improve the position of street children will fail in the long term.