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                 Education Collaborative Platform

In 2013, Ashoka Global developed the Empathy Program with the ambition to reach as many beneficiaries as possible on the global level by having Ashoka’s regional and national offices across the world participating in its implementation. In light of the latest events in Egypt and long lasting hostility and intolerance between different social groups within Egyptian society, Ashoka Arab World recognized the benefits of implementing this program in Egypt and expanding throughout the Arab World.

Therefore Ashoka Arab World defined this moment as the right one for the implementation of the Education CP Program in selected public schools in Egypt, with the main focus on Empathy. Besides empowering children with leadership skills, ability to work in a team, to be innovative and entrepreneurial, the Education CP will enable children to grasp the civic values of the Empathy program, as defined by Ashoka Global.
Starting on 1st of January 2014, Ashoka Arab World, with the support of the Ford Foundation, launched the Education Collaborative Platform project and it is being implemented in primary and preparatory public schools in Cairo.