With the aim of bridging the gap between the corporate and the social sectors, we are inspiring young professionals in the Arab world to become the next generation of Changemakers. AIN presents the achievements and impact of social entrepreneurs to inspire more people to become Changemakers themselves.

In 2012, Ashoka Arab World organized two AIN forums for early to mid-career professionals who have a passion for social change and an interest in Social Entrepreneurship.

‘’Innovative Solution in Health: Social Entrepreneurs in action’’ focused on the importance of social entrepreneurs in the health sector and the impact they have on Egypt’s health sector.
‘’Corporate engagement with Social Entrepreneurship” brought together established and aspiring social entrepreneurs, young professionals from the business and civil sectors, community leaders, and media to learn about leveraging business’ role in social change.

In 2013 Ashoka Arab World organized an AIN event in partnership with Egypreneur, an Egyptian start-up aiming to provide entrepreneurs with a broad range of networking services and opportunities. The event gathered prominent business and social entrepreneurs to discuss the Egypreneur interactive online platform that will provide its users with the chances to connect with a broad range of stakeholders from the entrepreneurship ecosystem and explore various opportunities.

In 2014, in celebration of the international month of women, Ashoka Arab World and Microsoft Egypt’s Aspire Women initiative hosted the AIN event “Women in Social Entrepreneurship: Connect, Inspire and Change”. The event comprised three parallel working sessions – Female Entrepreneur representation in Media, New Fundraising Techniques for Female Entrepreneurs, and Financial sustainability for CSOs – a panel discussion “Female Entrepreneurs: The Added Value of Rising Changemakers”, and a documentary showcasing four successful stories of Female Entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows).
The event hosted a selected group of prominent professionals and experts from various sectors, including media, academia, business, social sector, entrepreneurship ecosystem, organizations working on women empowerment, social entrepreneurs at the launching phase and those who are ready to scale up. Ashoka’s goal was to invite key stakeholders to contribute to the creation of a supportive ecosystem for women who want to launch social entrepreneurship ventures or have an ambition to have a stronger impact.